Safer Spaces Flyers

By : Lowrah · March 27, 2015

Grease Rag Safer Spaces Flyer

The language for this flyer was adapted from a flyer Kat received at STICKSHIFT FEST, a feminist punk festival in Vermont, and uses art from Grease Rag member Kelli Denoyer.  Download it here.

Tina and I passed these out at the National Forum on Women and Biking, and at our Listening Session with Grease Rag community partners.

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WTF-identified people often don't feel safe and included.

Things like constant sexual advances, homophobic or transphobic “jokes” and language, no respect for gender pronouns, insider lingo, negative comments on someone’s gear or ability, or excluding people based on gender/race/ability/orientation, etc. can make bike events hostile, stressful, dangerous, and UNSAFE.  

A Safer Space is a space that is safe, inclusive, and welcoming for EVERY BODY, regardless of gender/race/ability/orientation, etc. Grease Rag does not guarantee safety- we are all responsible for making safer spaces.

The safety and comfort of our WTFs is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

“Still have questions about what we do and who we are?  Read our FAQ!”

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