Some of the best things in life are free

By : Lowrah · April 21, 2011

One of the beautiful things that came out of our Brrrunch meeting, besides waffles and fun, were all of the creative ideas that wouldn't cost Grease Rag a penny.. and some that might even raise money! The list of ways we want to spend our money is here.

If you have skills that you'd like to share with us or you would like to take on a task, just let us know and jump right in!

Ideas for events! Some free, and some that could make some scrilla to pad the GR coffers

Grease Rag alley cat race, open to WTF and allies -Include a bicycle repair aspect or skill share component, ask for a donation to participate (Volunteers?)

Nice Ride group ride -A way to promote riding, the Nice Ride system, and a fun way to learn where the kiosks are located (Volunteers?)

Event ala "Spring Cleaning"- An opportunity to pay a WTF mechanic to teach a segment, we could possibly make money through donations (Is anyone interested in this happening? I can organize this if people will come.)

Capture the flag- Fun thing to do on a bicycle, teamwork (Interest? Volunteers?)

Picnic/ Potluck- Ask for donations, perhaps a pre-picnic/-potluck group ride (Interest? Volunteers? We will probably wait until the weather gets a little nicer for a picnic.)

Relay race- Include a bike repair element, solicit donations for race participation (Interest? Volunteers?)

Ideas for ways to get the GR name out

EXPOs- Sunrise Cyclery goes to bike EXPOs like the Active Living Expo coming up in April (Volunteers to hand out flyers with me?)

WTF Race Events- Let's ask Babes in Bikeland, Cirque du So Gay and May Day if GR can be represented (Volunteers?)

Projects for us to work on together/ Things we would like input on

Sewing projects- I have fabric for shop aprons, I just need one or two people to step up and offer their time and sewing machines

MA suggested making a publication about how we think about our bicycles when we repair them, because she found "Chainbreaker" lacking- MA volunteered to lead this project (If anyone is interested in writing an article for the next Dames on Frames, the theme is (loosely) "Spring Energy" and that might be a good place to put an article on this topic if we aren't able to get a whole zine together.)

Punch Card- A card that gets punched every time you come into Sunrise, where every punch = 1% (or $1? I forgot..) off. You can accumulate punches for a big purchase, up to 15% or something along those lines. (I've already gotten approval from Jamie and Sunrise Cyclery, I just need someone to help me make this happen!!)

GR Library- I have posted a list of the books and zines that I have for lending. I bring these with me to Grease Rag (almost) every week. I'm cool with loaning them out as long as you let us know who you are before you take them. (I've purchased all of the books with my own money so I want them back!) Please suggest books that you would like to add to our reference library. If you have books to donate, let us know!

Grease Rag Logo Help- Grease Rag friends Alivia and Adam were nice enough to design a Grease Rag logo for us! Adam even printed some prototype stickers for us! They look great, and I'm really excited about them. If anyone out there is good with Adobe Illustrator, I have some tweaking I would like to do and I need help. (Free sticker for the first WTF that volunteers to be my AI guru!)

"Tonight I'll be working on..."- There was a request for me to let you know what I'm going to be working on at Grease Rag in the reminder email. I will try to remember this, and if anyone posts up on the Facebook page with a specific thing they are going to work on I can send that out too.

Donations/ Tip Jar- I've had several people want to pay for services at the Grease Rag. We currently have no system in place for accepting donations. I would like to know if people would be down with a tip jar. (This would be totally optional/ voluntary!) Half of the tips go to Shayne, the other half go to the GR beer fund?

Fender Badges- The idea was tossed around that we could have "merit badges" for mechanical tasks you complete, in the form of round fender stickers (This one is ambitious- volunteers?)

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