Spokes adds a second monthly Grease Rag event

By : Lowrah · March 25, 2013

Grease Rag is now happening 7 times a month!

Spokes likes having us over on 4th Mondays so much, they've asked us to come back on 2nd Mondays, too.  Thank you for adding another night for us to wrench together in your beautiful space, Spokes!

Located in the Seward neighborhood, near the Light Rail Trail: 1915 East 22nd St.


The next SPOKES Grease Rag will be Monday, March 25, 7-9pm.

Do you use Google Calendar?  

Now you can copy Grease Rag events to your calendar!  If you don't use Google Calendar, you can still use the calendar as a handy visual guide to all of our events.  Check it out: http://greaserag.org/calendar/

Location: Seward

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