Step up! The Hub seeking a ride leader!

By : Lowrah · April 4, 2011

I recently posted about WTF-friendly group rides, one of which is the ride that leaves from The Hub, on Mondays, April through August.  Turns out they are looking for someone to lead their road rides this year!  Read the message from The Hub, below, and shoot Amber a message at

I went on the casual ride last year, and Kat went on the road ride, and we both had a good time.  The group was really friendly and accepting.  (I would consider leading this ride if I didn't already volunteer with Trail Watch on Mondays...)

Hey all!

The weekly women's rides will be starting later this month. Our regular road ride leader, Jeannette, is pregnant and has decided to take the summer off (but hopes to return next year!). We have decided to put a call out for leaders for both rides. These rides run from the third week in April through the end of August. If you (or any women you know) are interested in leading either the road ride or casual ride this summer, shoot me an email!

Here are the expectations:

  • welcome new riders each week and introduce them to team riding
  • plan weekly routes of approx 1.5 - 2 hours each
  • maintain a no drop policy for all riders institute and moderate a listserve for all weekly riders (an average of 1 hour/wk)
  • do consistent outreach through blog/web, on other sites such as Mpls Bike Love, Women's Press, etc.
  • find a replacement ride leader if absence is necessary
  • will not be absent more than 3 times over the 5 month duration

Compensation for Hub employees is $20/ride in store credit and for non-Hub employees we offer a discount package.

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