Summary of June Organizing Meeting

By : Lowrah · June 13, 2014

Let's get organized!

On June 2, 2014, Stephanie facilitated a Grease Rag organizing meeting at the Grease Rag House.  Winnie, Claire, Christina, Tina, Julia, Kat, Low, Ana, and Holly joined, to represent Grease Rag locations at Venture North, Recovery, Sunrise, Spokes, and also Cycles for Change!  What a great group.  Thanks for putting in the hard work of making decisions and taking on tasks for the good of Grease Rag!

Join our Google Group

Grease Rag is organized by volunteers. We do all the heavy lifting to make things happen, together. The Facebook group is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as organizing goes. Would you like to join our Google Group/ email listserv? The only prerequisites for membership are that you must be 1. a WTF cyclist 2. interested in Grease Rag. (You can remove yourself from the group at any time!)

We have discussions about group policy, fundraising, partnerships, and plan events. (Events like Grease Rag's 5th birthday party, which is coming up quickly!) If you are interested in participating in organizing Grease Rag, the best way to do that is to sign up for the Google Group: Sign up here.


Meeting notes

I took notes during our meeting, and they can be found in a Google document, but here is a summary of our meeting, for your convenience.

Web presence presentation by Holly

Holly is the Chief Administrator of Web Things. Identified some key elements and discussion points: Blog is awesome, but doesn't reflect the amount of activity in the Facebook group. We would like more regular contributors.

Let's ask Regular Contributors to write 4 posts a year, and have a teach-in on how to use the blog tools.  It would be nice to have a team in charge of organizing blog posts and encouraging new people to contribute.  Content could include FAQs, recaps of Facebook group conversations, group ride recaps, open shop recaps.  And posts don't have to be all text- we love photos too!

Facebook group policy presentation by Stephanie

What's okay and what's not okay to post on the GR Facebook Group?

The Grease Rag FB group is a discussion forum for WTF (women, trans*, and femme, gender variant) cyclists. If you are WTF, this is your forum to talk about your experiences and questions! If your post is vaguely related to bike stuff, go for it, as long as it's not offensive or repetitive.

If you don't identify as WTF, this is not your forum. Respecting this as a WTF space means that you shouldn't post stuff, unless it's WTF-specific or you're sharing content that is WTF-created. And always make sure that someone else hasn't already shared the same info. Our cis-male members interact with the group mostly by liking the things WTF's post, which amplifies WTF voices and is pretty cool. Some of them submit their own perspectives when someone is crowd-sourcing info, and as long as it's respectful, that's cool, too. Promoting your own non-WTF-focused blog, event, whatever, is not cool. Thanks for helping us maintain our Facebook group as a safer space for WTF voices.

We would like these policies written out, and more people in the group, especially faclitators, to feel like they can moderate the group.

Pedalopolis presentation by Kat

Pedalopolis is a week-long celebration of bikes. They are going to print a small calendar, and we decided to purchase a small ad to support the event, and add our open shop events to their calendar.

Sunrise Cyclery new bike stand presentation by Kat

Kat will get options on how much money it would cost to get a new stand for the public shop, and will submit it to the Google Group.

Replacing Stephanie as Sunrise Facilitator presentation by Stephanie

Low or Tina could be temporary replacements. Starting late fall, after track season, Julia will think about filling in, but no promises! Maybe as a backup? Bri is willing to be a backup, too.

HOW do we attract new facilitators? We identified this as a persisting and important issue.

SPEW presentation by Low

Special Phacilitators Event Write-up tracks how open shop nights go, and alerts us to any concerns.  Some phacilitators want physical sign-up sheets/ SPEWs, so we'll try that next!

Mother's Day Ride presentation by Low

Grease Rag partnered with Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition for a Mother's Day Family Ride, andthe group discussed how it went.  Low will post the recap in a Google document.

Open Streets presentation by Winnie

Northside was 2mi long. BMX and music and coffee and food and fun! Venture North did a lot with their bike lounge and Winnie worked hard at tabling for Grease Rag.

Low will do an ask for participation in upcoming Open Streets Events.  Roving bike party of fun and cookie fun times?? Kat suggested maybe asking shops that are close to their respective Open Streets events.

Press presentation by Kat

Thank you to Julia and Low for speaking to the reporter, thank you to Stephanie for writing a press release. Minnesota Women's Press feature turned out well!

Follow up items

Please see the Google document for the full write-up of tasks and follow up items!

Julia offered to put on the next meeting this fall.  See you all then!

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