Summary of September 2014 Meeting

By : Lowrah · September 30, 2014

For those of you who were unable to join Kat, Amy, Tina, Julia, and me at our organizing meeting, which Julia graciously hosted, sugar cookies, coffee bar and all...

Join our Google Group

Grease Rag is organized by volunteers. We do all the heavy lifting to make things happen, together. The Facebook group is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as organizing goes. Would you like to join our Google Group/ email listserv? The only prerequisites for membership are that you must be 1. a WTF cyclist 2. interested in Grease Rag. (You can remove yourself from the group at any time!)

We have discussions about group policy, fundraising, partnerships, and plan events. (Events like Grease Rag's 6th annual Winter Skill Share, which is coming up quickly!) If you are interested in participating in organizing Grease Rag, the best way to do that is to sign up for the Google Group: Sign up here.

Meeting notes

I took notes during our meeting, and they can be found in a Google document, but here is a summary of our meeting, for your convenience.

6th Annual Winter Skill Share, 11/2/2014 11-4p

Most of the meeting was dedicated to hashing out the upcoming event.  We need a lot of volunteers to make this happen, so please email to help out!


Holly is the Chief Administrator of Web Things. Identified some key elements and discussion points: Blog is awesome, but doesn't reflect the amount of activity in the Facebook group. We would like more regular contributors.  Regular contributors were identified, and a teach-in has been scheduled.

Facebook group policy

We would like these policies written out, and more people in the group, especially faclitators, to feel like they can moderate the group.

Amy is the new facilitator at Sunrise

And she is doing awesome!

Facilitator Retreat

Yoga?  A sleep over?  Dinner together?  What does a retreat look like, and how could we benefit from spending time together?  Let’s talk big picture, and about some of our ongoing projects.

Follow up items

Please see the Google document for the full write-up of tasks and follow up items!

Next meeting

I offered to put on the next meeting at the Grease Rag House, Sunday, January 11, at 6p.  See you all then, if not before.

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