Support Grease Rag Attending the 2015 National Forum on Women and Biking

By : Lowrah · February 17, 2015

The National Forum on Women and Bicycling is March 10th!

I went a few years ago and I learned a lot.  I shared my experiences with you on this blog, and I hope the knowledge I gained there has positively affected Grease Rag.  The forum gave me access to the raddest, baddest WTF advocates and organizers, working with bikes as a tool for equity and access.

On a whim, taking a shot in the dark, I filled out the scholarship form for this year.  It would totally make my year to go, and I encouraged other Grease Rag WTFs to apply.

Scholarships to the National Forum on Women and Bicycling

I got it!  And I encourage you to drop $20 on top of your registration fee to support lowering the barrier to more WTF participation in these types of events. I was disappointed to hear I was the only Grease Rag participant to get a scholarship, but I am still so excited to have been personally given this opportunity.

Panel on "Advocacy Through the Gender Lens"

After registering for the conference, I was honored and tickled to be asked to participate in a lunch panel discussing advocacy through the gender lens.  I am going to talk about a project that means the world to me to some really interesting and beautiful organizers from around the country!  How thrilling!

But something didn't feel quite right.  I started feeling uncomfortable.  What is this feeling?  Oh, it is PRIVILEGE.  

Look at all of these opportunities I have been given.  How do I spread this wealth?  How do I leverage my power to include someone else, preferably someone that does experience the same cis female privilege as I do?

Please Help Us Raise $550

I am asking any non cis-gendered WTF Grease Rag Friends to send me an email (greaseragmpls@gmail) telling me why they want to attend this forum, and how they will benefit from attending by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20. I really want to make this happen for one of us. Do not use, "I'm not that involved with Grease Rag," as an excuse for not emailing me- maybe this is how you get involved. Do not use, "I'm not gender-variant enough," as an excuse- if you do not identify as cis gender you do not identify as cis gender. I will not police your identity.

Be confident, Friends! This is for you!



Women Bike, Grease Rag, and Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to the Rescue

I was originally planning on fundraising to get my ticket and lodging covered, but my employer, the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition was happy to pay for most of my expenses! Yahtzee!

Women Bike offered another scholarship to help get another Grease Rag member to the forum, and they would also be invited to participate in the panel.  That is what supporting your community and lowering barriers to participation looks like.


Grease Rag community, if you can spare a few dollars, please donate to get another one of us out to DC for this summit. Many hands make light work! If you aren't able to donate money support us in other ways! Follow our posts on, and attend our presentation after we return from the forum.


Funds over $550 will be used on any additional trip expenses, with excess going into the Grease Rag general fund.  If we don't raise $550, Grease Rag general funds will be used to cover the difference.

Thank you for your love and support!  I can't wait to represent Grease Rag and bring back some gems of knowledge to share.

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