Together, we will conquer The Fear

By : Lowrah · December 11, 2010

I follow Bike Shop Girl, Arleigh, because she's a WTF that's been in the cycling world a long time, she's smart, capable, and passionate.  One of her goals is to get all women riding bikes- that's something I can really get behind!  She is great to read.

Arleigh got hit by a car a few months ago, and now her body is recovering but her heart won't let her ride on the street, even though she is strong enough to hit the trails with her mountain bike.  (I was hit by a car and practically had a nervous breakdown every time I had to cross the street.  This went on for months, and I wasn't even injured in my collision.)

Arleigh posted about having The Fear and needing support from the community to get back on her bike.  Bike to Work Barb (I've never read her blog before this) responded with a post that reminded me that we are a powerful community.  I wanted to share Barb's post with you in the hopes you'll take a ride in Arleigh's honor, or at least to remind you that together, we are stronger than The Fear!

Hugs to all bike lovers,

An excerpt from Bike to Work Barb's post:

A few days ago she wrote a blog post asking us to help her get back on the road. Here's my idea--and I know it's cruddy biking weather in Spokane so I'm reaching out to bike folks through Twitter, Facebook and comments on other blogs--

1) Take a bike ride in honor of Bike Shop Girl.
2) Post a comment on her blog telling her you did a ride in her honor to encourage her to start riding again, along with whatever words of encouragement you can share.
3) If you're on Twitter, post a tweet with @BikeShopGirlcom #youcanride in the body.
4) If you're on Facebook write a comment on her wall telling her you rode in her honor to help her get started again.

Let's get Bike Shop Girl back on two wheels!

The word has gotten back to Arleigh, and she's thankful for all of the support.  I can't wait until she can get back out there and ride!

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