We're Turning FIVE!

By : Lowrah · July 7, 2014

Happy birthday, Grease Rag!

Five years ago, Grease Rag Godmother Durkee held the first Grease Rag ride and open shop at Sunrise Cyclery, with Jamie and Shayne as our mechanics, and I met some new friends.

We started as a small group of enthusiastic students, meeting once a month, trying to organize ourselves to help others while joyfully building community and friendship.

Look how far we've come! We have an active blog, an events calendar at greaserag.org/calendar, this Facebook group is continuously inspiring, you all do a great job of using this group to organize your own events, and we have six locations hosting ten open shop nights a month= and all of this is free, volunteer-run, and open to all women, trans*, and femme cyclists. We've come so far and yet, our core is still all about community and friendship. Here's to many more cycles around the sun together.

Show your support of Grease Rag by making a donation at one of our locations during our annual fundraiser.  The deadline is July 11 July 31! That is only four more days to drop some change toward your favorite group of WTFs, helping us throw more parties, take more people bike camping, and giving us some funds to make fun things happen.

Celebrate with us!  July 12, 2014

Meet at Sunrise Cyclery at 5pm. There will be some treats. There will be a cup for donations, to contribute to our Annual Spare Change Round-up Fundraiser. BYOB. =]

At 6pm we will roll out on a slow, magical bike ride. Magical, because Friendship is Magic, and we are all friends. Weather permitting we will roll to a rest/ drink stop, and then to a beach for swim time. Our rain plan is to land at the Seward Cafe for hangs. Depending on how the night goes, maybe we'll howl at the moon together before we part ways. Here's hopin'.

I will bring my cooler, with a libation or two, and there will be PRIZES.

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