Day 6 of Loving Winter 2015

By : Sarah Engen · February 6, 2015

I #lovemnwinter!

Today I love falling in bikelove,

Shakespeare style.


Shall I compare thee to a Minnesota Winter’s Day?

You are more rigid & fitful than my ribless steed

Yet the warm breeze has taken our sweet December snow

For the winter is too long:

At times our moon too cold,

or is threatened by the climbing sun;

And everything will rust in the salt and ice,

by gamble & prediction we weather the bars.

With age our minds grow sharper and legs grow thinner,

and surely we’ll die together tangled in stems and spokes.

Our legend will blow down the Greenway like trash in the wind.

So as long as people move fast with music while rolling without hate in the streets,

we shall dance freely, deeply, darkly, infinitely like Freewheelers of the night.


Read about this collaborative challenge to love one thing about winter everyday in February, and post about it on this blog. Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls, or check out last year's #lovemnwinter posts.

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This is really wonderful! I read it during my morning coffee+interneting ritual, before getting dressed for the day... and it knocked my socks off. Socks that I didn't even have on yet. Thanks for the bikelove :)
Posted by Holly on
This poem is wonderful!  I imagine you on your ribless steed, conquering winter, a day at a time.  Beautiful.
Posted by Lowrah on