14 May


Grease Rag Organizing Meeting June 2nd


on May 14, 2014   comments 0

On Monday, June 2nd Grease Rag will have an organizing meeting from 7 – 9 p.m. Volunteer facilitators, shop mechanics, group ride leaders and cabooses, special event organizers and attenders, and everyone who helps make Grease Rag possible is invited to attend. This includes you, wonderful person who thinks that GR is kind of cool and wants to maybe be more involved. Everyone with a stake in the organization is welcome!

We’ve grown so much in the past (almost) five years – now six locations and ten shop nights each month – so this is a great chance to touch base with the other organizers as we brainstorm how to more effectively serve cycling WTFs in Minneapolis. At the last organizing meeting, we decided we need to do this more often.

There's been some discussion regarding the best way to facilitate our (decidedly non-heirarchical) meetings. I'll be facilitating this meeting in a style loosely based on Quaker process. This can mean different things, but for this meeting we will have a discussion where no one speaks twice on a particular issue until everyone has spoken at least once, and where there are (very) brief periods of silence to digest what was just said before someone else speaks. I personally have a habit of talking too much and of interrupting people, and this is one strategy to make sure that everyone's voice is given equal weight. Quaker process is also based on a consensus model (maybe the original consensus model).

The meeting will be held at the Grease Rag house in South Minneapolis. E-mail greaseragmpls@gmail.com if you need the address (sorry, I’m just not into broadcasting private addresses via the very public internet). We've got a long agenda of fun and exciting stuff, so we'll start promptly at 7 p.m. Hope you can make it!

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