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30 Jan


2015- 28 Days of Loving Winter


on January 30, 2015   comments 0

'Tis the Season

Last year, I publicly admitted that February is the hardest winter month for me.  The Polar Vortex was grinding me down.  My long, dark commutes were losing joy.  There is typically a lot of loafing and self-pity at that point in the season, neither of which is very good for my physical or mental health!  To inspire a more positive mental attitude, I challenged myself to write 28 things in 28 days about the positive aspects of winter, #lovemnwinter.  It was fun!

These are a few of my favorites

  1. Snot rockets 
  2. Fire
  3. Snow and ice sounds 
  4. Icicles
  5. Grease Rag 

This year, I've asked Grease Rag friends to participate in loving winter!  So get ready for another 28 posts in 28 days, highlighting what makes Minnesota beautiful and pleasant in the winter. Some posts will be written by me, some short, some long, some with pictures, some only 140 characters.  I'm so excited to read about the things people love about our most infamous season!

Want to play along?

Tweet your own loves: #lovemnwinter @greaseragmpls, or check out last year's #lovemnwinter posts.

27 Jan


Grease Rag NE is TONIGHT, January 27th!


on January 27, 2015   comments 0

Hello Women, Trans & Femme friendlies,

Your GRNE Co-Facilitators are hoping you will join us for tonight's edition of Grease Rag NE! 

Come along tonight to Recovery Bike Shop (2504 Central Ave NE) at 7pm for our discussion & open shop night. Today we'll talk about STUDDED TIRES, their merits & their drawbacks, as we head into the "ice season." Swing on through & share your experiences with a group of friendly faces! Open Shop starts at 730p, so come on in with your ride & let's get to workin'.

Oh, and you know there will be coffee. Hopefully treats too; feel free to bring some along.

See you soon!

Location: Northeast

24 Jan


Bicycling with a Child's Heart


on January 24, 2015   comments 1

fat biking

When I describe to people why I love my fat bike, I say things like “It makes me feel like a tank, buzzing slowly, but impressively, along.”

Other images that come to mind are a train heading down the tracks as my wheels make a rhythmic buzz against the pavement (or is it my heavy breathing that brings this picture to mind?).

Or my bike could be a James Bond contraption that once it leaves the pavement and hits snow, magically transforms into a sled and starts schussing along.

What I don’t say to people (except right now) is how the size of my fat tires and where they allow me to go makes me feel powerful -- maybe even invincible. I don’t say this, because I know it sounds silly, given my age, the weakness of my legs, and my fear of falling or running into a tree.

But maybe these thoughts and feelings, because they are silly and free and help me forget myself for awhile are why the bike makes me feel like a kid again.

It’s like throwing a towel over my head and pinning it under my chin and becoming a nun. Better yet, "The Flying Nun"...

Or draping the same towel over my shoulder and becoming Wonder Woman.

Such were my totems of magic as a child. Now I have my fat bike, to throw my leg over and climb into the saddle yelling “Charge!”

OK. So now my trusty mount sometimes has a basket on the back to haul my groceries but the basket could just as well hold goodies that I am taking to Grandma’s house where I befriend a wolf and we snack on crackers and cheese in the deep dark woods.

Who said that we had to give up make believe and magic to become more practical adults?

No matter. Whoever said it was wrong!

fat biking in corn field

This was also posted on my blog.

23 Jan


2015 Intentions and Vision


on January 23, 2015   comments 0

Organizer Meeting Recap

Our Grease Rag Organizer Meeting was more than just songs and family photos, believe it or not!


Here is a list of some of the things we have coming up. Read the meeting notes for a full list of what we are committing to do before our next Organizing Meeting on Saturday, April 11.

  • Write a Facebook moderation policy document, collaboratively.
  • Molly will design a banner for us!
  • Ask someone to design a reflective sticker?
  • New flyer designed and ready by spring.
  • Anneka will develop a list of parts for WTFs in need
  • Discuss pro/cons of 501c3 status
  • Monthly Full Moon Rides
  • Craft events
  • Teams to flyer events
  • Connecting with other WTFs doing bike clinics
  • Presence at Open Streets
  • International Women's Day Ride
  • Mother's Day Ride
  • AND SO MUCH MORE- We need help!  

Get involved!

We can't do all of this alone. If you are interested in any of these topics, please email, and plan on attending our next Organizing Meeting April 11!  All WTFs currently involved with Grease Rag or wanting to become involved are welcome.

Who Are We?  Where Are We Going?

An important activity that we did this year was to talk about what we value about Grease Rag, and what we commit to doing in order to make Grease Rag all it can be. You can view the entire exercise online. (I'm not very good with computers, so I did this with felt-tip pens.)


Read More

23 Jan


First 2015 Organizing Meeting- Success!


on January 23, 2015   comments 0

For our Grease Rag Organizing Meeting, a great group of WTFs got together to talk about how Grease Rag is working, where we need to improve, and what we want to do this year, among other important topics.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Gratitude to all of the organizers, bloggers, volunteers, and friends that came together to eat, and do WORK.  This is truly a group effort.

My kitty, Sookie, helped me write up the agenda

And we need YOU

Our next meeting is Saturday, April 11.  Put it on your calendar!

Ana, mechanic and organizer at Grease Rag Seward at Spokes, closed the meeting by teaching us a song. "I like to ride my bike..." It was a wonderful way to wrap our meeting!


And of course, we had to take a Grease Rag family photo. Such beauties.

Thank you to everyone for your work!  I will be sending out a summary of our tasks and the results of our group "vision" exercise very soon!

I'm not great with computers, hence our "official" documents are done with felt-tip markers

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