Grease Rag Ride & Wrench

Grease Rag encourages and celebrates FTW (Femmes, Trans, Women, Non-Binary, Two-Spirit people) in a safer space. FTW includes trans men, trans women, cis women, agender, gender queer, and gender fluid folks! FTW does not include “cis men who benefit from cis male privilege.” Grease Rag centers trans and femme folks and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and does not make assumptions about gender, bodies, sexuality.

Grease Rag sees a future where riding a bike in the Twin Cities includes and celebrates Femmes, Trans, Women, Non-Binary, Two-Spirit people!

Since July, 2009, Grease Rag has facilitated fun and supportive open shop nights, regular group rides, bike camping, educational seminars, and social events. We have gotten a lot of new FTWs on bikes by focusing on building skills and confidence, building community, and creating a high standard for safer spaces in our community. We are entirely volunteer-run and community-funded.

Read about us en español or check out what Grease Rag has to say in Our Voices and Skill Sharing.

Check out the sibling group for black, indigenous, people of color (POC), people of color with an “it’s complicated” relationship with their race (BIPOC+), Trans, Non Binary, Women (FTW): For Us by Us.