For Us by Us (BIPOC FTW)

Creating space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and People with an “it’s complicated” relationship with their race (+) who are Trans, Non Binary, Two-Spirits, and Women.

“For Us” brings together BIPOC+ FTWs around food, bikes, and activities that strengthen our community. The space we create are not for those who benefit from cis male privilege. If you have light-skinned or white privilege and you perpetuate anti-Blackness and colorism, this is not the space for you.

Get Involved

FOR US – BIPOC Trans Femme Women Space on Facebook
Instagram: @forusftwofcolor


We ask that everyone who participates in a For Us space work together to:

  • Respect all experiences; acknowledging that we aren’t all the same.
  • Watch out for each other and support each other.
  • Say NO to “oppression olympics” by understanding that we contain multitudes, our oppression is layered, and that competing with each other benefits our oppressors.
  • Call out oppressive comments.
  • Get called out with grace; listen, apologize.
  • Stand with survivors. No victim-blaming!
  • Offer content or trigger warnings (CW/TW) when talking or posting about something that could traumatize someone, and add CW/TW if asked.
  • Love every BODY. Gender is not the same as genitalia, fat is beautiful, Black is beautiful, disability is beautiful! Shaming will not be tolerated.

Understand that can’t make a safe space for everyone, all the time, but know that we will try. Lean on us and let us know how to support you.

Who we Are

Photos by Blair Moore:


I started riding my bike as a very young child. There are pictures of me in the back of my dad’s Burley as a toddler. – Liz

Bicycling touches on so many issues from racial justice to environmental justice to transportation justice and more. – Bri

When people only see pictures of white folks in bike magazines it sends a message that it’s only for white folks. Not in my world. – Nat

Riding the Greenway from Minneapolis to St. Paul, over the bridge and to the river, is one of my favorite things to do! – Jennie

When and how do I stake *my* claim on the road as a WOC? – Elly

We are all beautiful miracles – on and off bicycles. – Azul