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17 Sep


Queen Bike 2012


on September 17, 2012   comments 0

Our friend Sveta is throwing a really fun event called Queen Bike, and I'm really excited about it!  I will be participating as a volunteer, and I hope that one of you fine WTFs will participate in the event.  It's going to be fun!

A gathering of women and transgender cyclists for fun and games!

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Outside of the Midtown Freewheel on the Greenway
This event will be a series of light-hearted competitions, ending with a crowning of Queen Bike 2012!  (Open to all WTF- women/ transgender/ femmes!)
Your knowledge and creativity will earn you points- participate in one, or all of these contests:

Show us your bike!  Take a photo of you with your bike.  Be creative!  Show us what you like to do, or how you use your bike to get around.  Don't worry, this isn't a traditional "beauty" contest.  Show us your scars, your bike grease, show us how you get rad!

Submit photos to the by September 20th!

Bike Trivia

Think you know your stuff about local infrastructure, history, bike culture?  Test yourself!


How slow can you go?

Know thy Bike

Show us you know your way around a bike.


Short stretch all drag racing- everyone that enters gets to race!

Obstacle Course

Get rad!

Fix a Flat

How good are you with that tire lever?

Open Mic Extra Credit

This is your time to show off.  Did you make a sweet frame bag or skirt guard?  Do you have a song or poem about riding your bike?  Entertain us!

There are events that are open to everyone, too!

Fix a Flat Race

Heavy Bike Competition

And something Sveta calls "Titans."  I'm not sure what that is, but it will be fun.  =]

There will be a raffle for prizes. (Tickets are $3)

There will also be an “auction”

After party on Cedar Lake beach (formerly hidden beach) with live music, games, dancing, and fun!

Let’s spend this day together!

17 Sep


ARTCRANK wants to hear about Babes in Bikeland 6


on September 17, 2012   comments 0

ARTCRANK would love to tell the story of Babes in Bikeland 6 through the words and pictures of the people who lived it.

If you'd like to add your voice and/or photos to the story, please email Patrick Murphy ( with:

• 50-100 words about your experience at this year's alleycat — what happened, who you met, who you rode with, how you did, how you felt, etc.
• Any photos you took at the race (.jpg format, preferably ± 1 MB)

If we have enough, we'll do the story in multiple chapters.

Here are my 108 words:

This was my fourth Babes in Bikeland.  I know it was my fourth because I remember riding the first year with Buzo and Corinne, my second with Buzo, third with Jennifer and Emily, and this year I rode with Sue, Buzo, Corinne and Jennifer.  For me, Babes is all about the people I ride with.  I'm perfectly happy to cool my heels and ride with slower riders because high fives and hollers and bell dinging are where it's at.  (My hand is still stinging from some of those 40mph high fives on the Greenway!)  And it is always an honor and a privilege to usher in rookies, too!

UPDATE: ArtCrank has posted your stories!

16 Sep


Farm Bike Tour: A Pedal-Powered Tour of 7 Northfield Farms


on September 16, 2012   comments 0

A woman contacted me about a cool ride and fundraiser that they are organizing.  Here's the information she sent along:

This is an almost exclusively woman organized event (the organizing committee is 8 females and 1 male, and one of the main student groups doing organizing is a women’s special interest house on campus at St. Olaf, the Wendell Berry house).  Also, the farmer we’re raising money for is a woman, with women being my contacts at all of the 7 farms the tour will visit except for 1 (and 3 of the farms only have women farmers).  And we’re hoping to specifically engage women and transgender cyclist who find out about this through your website, but other than that we’re reaching out to anyone and everyone who may be interested in attending this event.

From the Facebook event page:

When: Saturday, September 29th from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Where: In and around Northfield, MN

Why: So much sustainable agriculture is happening right here in Northfield. By getting students, local businesses, and other residents outside on their bikes and face to face with farmers, we hope to raise awareness of this growing local-food scene and get people excited about the sustainable agriculture happening in their own community.

Details: The basic route is 18-20 miles round trip but participants can choose to go to as many/few farms as they wish. There will be two meeting points from which to begin the tour:

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11 Sep


Going back back to Cali Cali


on September 11, 2012   comments 4


I am completely overwhelmed with how many people responded to my request for money to get me to the first National Women's Bicycling Summit in Long Beach, CA.  You are the wind at my back, Friends.  The goo in my jersey pocket.  The pop-tarts in my trail mix.  My cats' pajamas!

J.J. K.
Tina W.
Linda P.
Dave S.
Jessica N.
Jim H.
Joe R.
Karyn R.
Luke K.
Jerry T.
Lowell H.
Stephanie R.
Ainsley J.
Therese S.
Andres A.
Lauren H.
Beth H.
Elisa M.
Veronica W.

Thank you for your support!  Because of your dollars, I'll be able to go to Long Beach and meet people that are working hard to make biking easy and accessible, and to support and encourage women and transgender cyclists.  Pretty much a dream come true, for me!

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11 Sep


Wanderabout- SUCCESS


on September 11, 2012   comments 2

Photo courtesy of Airen Bijou

WOO!  Thanks to all y'all that came out on this ride.  I counted almost 40 riders at one point, and about HALF were Babes rookies! Special thanks to my co-captains Ginny the Caped Keg-Transporter and Lauren Rad Riding Hood.

We started out with some Lucid beer, and a sharing circle where vets shared inspiration and tips on how to enjoy Babes to the fullest.  Rookies shared what they were nervous about, or what they wanted to get out of the race.  It was a beautiful moment.

We did a short ride from the Babes in Bikeland starting location to the after-party location.  We ended up in downtown, outside, with pizza and beer and tunes, all delivered by bike.  Pure magic.  I met a lot of cool people, and I know that some people found their riding partners for the race the next day.

When I rolled in to the finish at Babes in Bikeland the next day, I heard a group of people yell, "LOOOOWWWW!" and my spirits were lifted!  A group of people I met at the group ride that arrived before me were hollering at me, and it felt awesome.  I tried to cheer for as many people as I could as they rolled in, I hope their spirits were similarly lifted through the roof.

Needless to say, based on how much fun y'all had, we are going to do this again next year!  We knew some things worked well, and we also brainstormed some ways that we could make it better.  Do you have anything to add?

Our goals for the ride were to be extra kind to rookies and newbies, and make everyone feel like they were amongst friends.  It's all about supporting the people that come together for Babes so that we don't only live in "Babeland" for one day a year.  Let's start something!

Begin the ride with a potluck for women & transgender & femme (WTF) cyclists and friends

A WTF-only, no-drop ride that starts from the Babes starting location, and stops at the after party location, with the final stop being some place where we can party down

More beer

End at a place where WTF and allies are invited, with the emphasis being on celebrating all of the racers that will be participating in Babes the next day!

Thanks again for coming, all you WTF Babes.  I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Ginny summed up how important this event is, for all of us:

Something I heard the most from Rookies Pre-Race? "I ride my bike everyday & don't have friends that ride." Post-Race: "I had no idea this community existed. I'm going to ride everywhere!" MPLS BIKING COMMUNITY! Ride your Bike, Do Group Ride, Say Howdy on the Greenway, Be Kind & Have a Good Time, All the Time! Let's grow & include & keep building this city into the bestest of the best. YOU are IMPORTANT & making this happen!

Those are words to live/ bike by.

Photo courtesy of Airen Bijou

If you missed the Babes in Bikeland 6 race on Saturday, here are some photos, taken by Eric Shoultz.  There was also a photo booth at the after party, manned by Grease Rag friend, Ellie Kingsbury.  Just like the after party, these photos are NSFW.