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We encourage and empower women/ trans/ femme (WTF) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


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21 Jun


Spare Change Fundraiser


on June 21, 2012   comments 0

Grease Rag has a small amount of money left over from the calendar fundraiser that Minneapolis Presents did for us a couple of years ago.  It's time for us to do another fundraiser, which will culminate in Grease Rag's third birthday party on July 7!


Pick up that lucky penny, empty your jangly pockets, round up to the nearest dollar, bring in that change jar that lives on your dresser!  We have collection containers at our three locations:

Sunrise Cyclery, Bryant and Lake St. in Uptown (1st & 3rd Thursdays)

Recovery Bike Shop, Central Ave. and 26th in Northeast (2nd Tuesdays)

U of M Bike Center, SE Oak St. Parking Ramp (2nd & 4th Thursdays)

  We will be collecting money at these locations until July 6.  We appreciate every penny!

Grease Rag is turning 3 years old July 7, 2012!  We have been doing what we do, providing a fun bike space and inclusive bike events for WTF (women/ transgender/ femme) cyclists in the Twin Cities, for three years.  To celebrate our community, we are going to have a party at Casa de Grease Rag, Saturday, July 7, at 8pm.  More details on Facebook.

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16 Jun


Pizza by the Pond Bike Tour, 2012


on June 16, 2012   comments 1

We had such a terrific time bike camping at Carver Park, that I wanted to organize another trip.  Last year I did a Pizza Farm Trifecta Tour.  Three "pizza farms," three different weekends of bike camping.  Each location was unique, the riding was good, and I ate a lot of really good pizza.

One of the legs of the PFTT 2011 was Love Tree Farm's "Pizza by the Pond."  Love Tree sells the famed "fish bait" cheese at the St. Paul Farmers Market, among other delicious small batch, cave aged, artisan cheeses.  The farm was rustic, relaxed, functional and beautiful.  Jeremy, my tour partner on PFTT II, wrote a very detailed post about our adventure.

Here is an outline of what we are planning.

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13 Jun


"The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs"


on June 13, 2012   comments 0

From Dana, a video with a whole bunch of precious cargo!

Here is a video from that I just love. Why ride with children? Here is the answer. "The littlest birds have the prettiest song."

Why We Ride | Totcycle & Friends

How we roll in the Pacific Northwest ... A slideshow celebration of cycling a la familia, from the family-biking-obsessed folks at and their friends/inspirations from Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Eugene. Soundtrack from Vancouver, BC.

12 Jun


Grease Rag NE, TODAY 6/12!


on June 12, 2012   comments 2

Grease Rag NE is Today, Tuesday, June 12th!

(Grease Rag NE is the second Tuesday of every month.)

Join us at 7pm at Recovery Bikes (2555 Central Ave NE)! From 7pm – 8pm we’ll be teaching a short tutorial on installing and adjusting brakes. So bring in your bike and learn how to install a shiny new brake and make it, you know, work :). From 8pm – 9pm we’ll have open shop to work on anything you’d like. Do you have any projects you want to work on?

Location: Northeast

06 Jun


Introducing Woman on A Wheel Blog!


on June 6, 2012   comments 1

Dear GreaseRag,

I am happy to present to you my new blog - Woman on a Wheel. In this next year I will be travelling around the world to study and work with women's bike movements in Ecuador, China, Indonesia, Hungary, Sierra Leone, and Guatemala (!!!!). I'm interested in seeing how women are personally, politically, and economically empowered through being involved with women's bike projects - I know that I feel empowered through being involved with these movements, and I want to see what that is like in different places around the world. 

And what better way to share this experience than to blog about it.  I'll be posting photos, writting about my travels, and also posting a series of short videos.  While I am in each place I will be asking women I meet to go for a bike ride with a helmet camera to film what a typical ride is like for them. I will then interview them about what inspires them about biking, and have the interviews be the audio of the video.  The first video is of me biking around St. Paul/Minneapolis which is where this whole journey begins. 

Hope you enjoy it!