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23 Jul


Making "Everyone is Welcome" Group Rides Safer Spaces


on July 23, 2013   comments 3

Salutations Friends,

I would like to ask for your help. I am looking for ways to make group rides safer spaces for WTFs like us.

I love having "everyone is welcome" rides, because more bikes is more bike love! And rad, supportive dudes help us grow. However... one bad apple spoils the bunch, and I need strategies to help the dudes that come to our events understand why it is an honor for them to be invited, not a given, and that the point of Grease Rag is to have events FOR women, transgender, and femme cyclists.  We've done a bit of talking about what it means to be an ally, and I think this is a continuation of that discussion.

I'm not an expert in this kind of thing, but I have a few ideas. I'm just going to throw them out there, in the hopes that you will contribute better ideas, or at least tell me why my ideas just don't cut it.

1. Before we start rides, we do a go-around. We can share our preferred gender pronouns if we feel comfortable, and it is a great reminder that you can't assume gender identity just by looking at someone, and that we are more complex than the male/ female binary. It also gives the WTF that is leading the group ride a chance to establish that they are in charge!

2. I would like to start explicitly stating that at no point should a dude be leading the ride. I have enjoyed riding in tandem at the front of group rides with dudes, and I don't want to do anything to discourage that, but the second someone starts rocketing ahead and jumping curbs and showing off in front of the group...? Inappropriate.

3. Should we hand out a piece of paper that has some safer space definitions or resources on it? I can work on these (with your ideas!) and get them printed, if this is important to us.

4. Before we roll out, I name the pace (slow), and the route, and ask if there are any questions or concerns. I would like to do a better job introducing the Grease Rag. Something like, "Grease Rag is a group of women, transgender, and femme cyclists that get together to wrench, ride, and have fun together. All of our events are FOR WTF cyclists, and we want to focus on making WTFs feel safe, and included. We are happy to have you join us, but please keep in mind the focus of this event as you ride with us, and when you consider inviting friends to our events. Thank you for respecting our space and supporting Grease Rag!  Please be a strong ally, and if you see someone acting inappropriately or disrespectfully, please call them on it."

5. I just want to let you know that if anyone ever has any trouble at a ride or event, to please come and find me, or another Grease Rag rider. We will take your comment very seriously. If we don't know about it, we can't fix it. 

Thank you in advance for your input,

Low & Grease Rag

22 Jul


Thank You For the Party!


on July 22, 2013   comments 0

Another year in the books.

Thank you from the bottom of our greasy hearts for celebrating our fourth birthday with us, Friends!  The potluck-style party was a great representation of how we operate.  Like a bicycle, we are the sum of our parts.  Everyone contributed something to make the party special.  Whether it was lighting the tiki torches, watching the grill, baking a cake or bringing the funk, you all helped make the party a success!  It couldn't have gone better!  Big hat tip to Sunrise Cyclery for being gracious and accomodating hosts.

A special shout-out to all of our Facilitators and Volunteers.  

YOU ARE THE GREASE IN OUR HUBS.  Nothing would happen without you.

When we say, "Nothing would happen without you, Facilitators and Volunteers," we really mean it.  We don't pay any of our facilitators!  They volunteer their time and share their knowledge because they are rad people, and they want more of us out there on bikes.  So, like, bring them treats and beer.  They deserve it.  =]

Funds raised

The party also signaled the end of our Spare Change fundraiser.  

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17 Jul


Grease Rag Google Group


on July 17, 2013   comments 0

Grease Rag has a Google Group, and we do most of our organizing nitty gritty there, and have more in depth conversations about the future of the group.  If you are interested in viewing or participating in the group, help us make decisions and take ownership of Grease Rag by joining the group!

Visit the Google Group page:!forum/greaserag

  • Anyone can request to join this group.  You must be a member to view posts, the member list, or make new posts. 
  • Control how often you receive messages from this group, your display name, and leave this group by hitting the "My membership" button at the top of this page.
  • Please limit posts to organizing, facilitating, or volunteering for Grease Rag.
  • Browse the group here:
  • If you email you will send an email out to all volunteers and facilitators.

It is really easy to create a discussion thread and to chime in and let us know what you think.  If you join the group you don't even need gmail to participate in discussions- the discussion threads can be sent straight to your email, and you can post to the group using the email address above.  (You will need a Google account though.)

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16 Jul


Shaina Briscoe


on July 16, 2013   comments 0

On July 13th, 2013  Shaina was riding in an alley cat race downtown when she collided with a car. 

She sustained a broken jaw and a traumatic brain injury from the crash.

Shaina is a ray of happy energy and is always cracking that big Shaina smile while she CRUSHES on her bike.  Here are a few ways you can show your love for Shaina, and support her friends and family.  I will update this page as I learn more.

Check out this video of a bike-building party for Shaina, because the bike she was riding when she was hit is completely destroyed.  This film will warm your heart.

The Party to benefit Shaina on Monday, August 12, 6-9p at New Bohemia was a success!

Her father has been regularly updating a Caring Bridge Journal, with news about Shaina's condition.

Shaina's a fighter!  She has started waking up, and her phsyical therapy has begun.  Please read the Caring Bridge Journal for more updates.

There is a group ride for Shaina Thursday, July 18.  Meet at 6pm at Gold Medal Park, and ride to HCMC.  (There will be buttons for sale.)

If you would like to donate money towards her medical bills, there is a donation site set up.  (I personally confirm that this is legit.)

Leave a card for Shaina- Drop off cards to decorate Shaina's room, at the Hub West Bank or the Hub at the U of M.

16 Jul


Full Moon Ride- THUNDER Moon


on July 16, 2013   comments 0

So far this year, we've had a few fun full moon rides...

March- Howl!

April- Pink Moon

May- Karaoke! (Rained out.  Sad face.)

June- Moon Spinners

And it is that time of the month again!  Full THUNDER moon will be rising, and we will be riding and dancing in the pale moonlight.

This post explains what inspired us to start riding during the full moon, our bike soul sisters, the Ovarian Psycos.

Monday, July 22
Meet at SPOKES at 9pm, roll out at 9:30

Meet at 9p at SPOKES, roll at 9:30.  Mostly trails, ending on Cedar Lake for some swimming. Bring some snacks or a beverage, respect our moon mother, and HOWL like you mean it.

This ride is slow and steady, "Muppet speed," and is open to everyone!  Bring lights and a helmet.

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Next Month- YOU LEAD THE RIDE! Read More

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