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We encourage and empower women/ trans/ femme (WTF) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


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12 Dec


Sunrise Cyclery Grand Re-Opening


on December 12, 2012   comments 0

Grand Re-Opening

Sunrise Cyclery has moved to a NEW LOCATION at 2901 Blaisdell Ave.!  Grease Rag Uptown happens at Sunrise Cyclery on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, from 7-9 PM.

Wednesday, 12/12/12 from 12:12- 9PM

Stop by and celebrate the new shop location.  There will be some foods and beverages, and feel free to bring your own snacks, too.  

If you are on the Greenway, exit at the Nicollet ramp, proceed down Nicollet, and turn left onto 29th, after the self-serve car wash on the corner. The shop is on your left, before you hit the next light at Blaisdell.  29th is a one-way for cars, but there is a counter-flow lane for cyclists.

Welcome to your new home, Sunrise!  See you soon!

12 Dec


Bike Crafts


on December 12, 2012   comments 2

There is an annual craft show this Saturday, which features a lot of bike-related crafts!  My friend Heidi is an organizer and a maker, and I love attending this show every year.

Crafts, Coffee & Cycles

Saturday, December 15th, 10-6

One on One Bike Shop: 117 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis


I recently watched this video, made to promote a big bike-themed craft show in Portland, OR.  I am inspired!  Are you interested in attending a bike-themed craft-luck?  I want to make this happen soon.  A perfect winter party.

Bike Craft 2012 from Filmed by Bike on Vimeo.

11 Dec


Grease Rag NE is TONIGHT, 11 December!


on December 11, 2012   comments 0

Join us at 7pm at Recovery Bike Shop (2555 Central Ave NE)!  From 7pm – 730pm we’ll be doing a general tutorial on the beginnings of BUILDING YOUR OWN BIKE, from the frame on up.  Bring in your bike (or part of it), your project and all of your questions and let's break these machines down to their simplest form!  

Oh, and you know there will be coffee.

From 730pm – 9pm we’ll have open shop to work on anything you like.  Do you have any projects you want to work on?

Location: Northeast

10 Dec


12/17 Grease Rag at SPOKES!


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Every fourth Monday we are having a Grease Rag open shop night for women and transgender cyclists at the new SPOKES center in the Seward neighborhood.  The space is large, and we are working with a really competent and beautiful team of facilitators and mechanics. 

Join us on Monday, December 17, 7-9pm!

**Please note that this is NOT a regularly-scheduled fourth Monday**

Located near the Light Rail Trail on East 22nd Street: 1915 East 22nd St.


The next SPOKES Grease Rag will be Monday, January 28, 7-9pm.

09 Dec


WSS12- Safety and Handling with Kat


on December 9, 2012   comments 0

Kat works at Calhoun Cycles and is the head facilitator at Grease Rag Uptown, which takes place at Sunrise Cyclery on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Kat is a year-round cyclist biking through her fifth winter, and was nice enough to write up some tips and tricks about how to safely handle your bike in all conditions.

More recaps from our 4th Annual Winter Skill Share.

Safety & Handling

Biking in the winter can be fun and efficient if you dress well, stay safe, and practice smart riding. Once you’re used to the colder temps and the feel of fresh snow under your tire, it is a whole lot of fun!


Less daylight means we bike in the dark more often during winter – and drivers aren’t expecting to see cyclists in the streets this time of year. Bright colored and reflective clothing, combined with front and rear lights are essential. Mounting a light on your helmet allows you to direct the light as your turn your head, and it helps with seeing over snow banks. I use my lights during the daytime when it is precipitating, as well as at night.


Another way to be seen on the road is to position yourself in a predictable place. When there’s snow on the ground, bike lanes often become storage space for plowed snow. Because the road is narrower, the safest place to ride is in the right tire track of the road.

Don’t worry about getting over to the right so cars can pass you. Ride where you feel safest. Keep in mind that it takes longer to slow and stop on snow and ice. This is true for bikes and cars. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.


If you haven’t ridden your bike in snow before, it’s a good idea to practice in a parking lot or on a side street before venturing out into traffic. First, lower your seat a bit so you can easily put a foot down if needed.

Stay loose on the handle bars. Being in an upright riding position is helpful.

Practice making slow, wide turns. Don’t try to turn on ice – just go straight, and turn when you have traction again. 

Don’t slam on your brakes – that will cause your wheels to lock up, and you will slip. But, don’t be afraid to fall. You’ll be wearing loads of clothes, so it won’t hurt as much. We all fall in the winter, it’s OK!

It helps to look 10-20 feet ahead of your front wheel so you can react to the changing conditions. Your rear wheel may fishtail a bit, but keep calm and pedal through it.


The Midtown Greenway and Light Rail Trail, as well as many other off-road bike trails are plowed in the winter. They don’t use salt or sand on the trails, so they’re easier on your bike. Riding the bike trails offers a car-free, well plowed route. Experiment with different routes!


This should apply year-round. Always have tools to fix a flat with you – a spare tube, tire levers, wrench, and pump. Have the phone number of a friend or taxi in case you need a ride home. Pack an extra pair of socks – they are worth more than their weight.

More recaps from our 4th Annual Winter Skill Share.

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