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23 Nov


Bikes aid in DISASTER! situations


on November 23, 2012   comments 0

Grease Rag friend, Elly Blue, is asking for contributions to volume 9 of Taking the Lane Zine, with the theme of "DISASTER!"

I’m seeking your nonfiction submissions about the role of bicycles in preparing for, surviving, and responding to disasters … natural and otherwise. Nonfiction only, under 1,000 words. The initial deadline is coming up soon, on December 1st.

Rough drafts are okay. Questions and pitches welcome. Illustrations sought. Send submissions to elly at taking the lane dot com.

This is a very timely topic, not only because of the recent Hurricane Sandy, but because of predictions of the increased occurance and intensity of major storms as a result of climate change.  We all saw the images of long lines of cars in NJ and NY waiting, with police escorts, to fill up at gas stations that still had electrical power.  (Gas stations without electrical power had gas, but no way to distribute it.)  There are alternatives.

I started to do some web research on bicycles in disaster situations, but found that the relevant and thorough Bike Portland blog had it covered.  

Read More

22 Nov


"Rolling" by Transportation Alternatives


on November 22, 2012   comments 0

About this short film...

It's from Transportation Alternatives -- the number one advocate for New Yorkers who ride a bicycle, take public transit, or a need safe way to walk from A to B. For the past 40 years, Transportation Alternatives has been demanding (and winning) new bicycle lanes across the city. Now, it’s easier to bicycle than ever before.

The image that was most striking in this film was the young girl and her father, smiling and enjoying the separated/ buffered bike lane together.  I love PSAs with young female protagonists!

21 Nov


Cindy Colon- "Pedaling a dream"


on November 21, 2012   comments 0

I recently read this article in the Star Tribune about a St. Paul woman, Cindy Colon.  I was really inspired by her training plan, her accomplishments, and her attitude!  

When Cindy Colon found her dream bike in the summer of 2011, it didn't take long to go from an occasional rider to a serious cyclist: Over a 40-day period this summer, she rode to New York. When she got back to St. Paul, she set a new goal: add 5 miles a week to her longest ride until she could ride 100 miles in a day. She scratched that goal off her list last month. Next up? A 200-mile ride on summer solstice next June.

The long haul "I had an old Schwinn and I loved riding it so much I wanted a better bike. I went with a buddy to a bike shop and found a Surly Long Haul Trucker that fit me (I'm 5 feet 1). I loved it. That was the middle of last July. Then I happened to read a book -- 'Around the World on Two Wheels: Annie Londonderry's Extraordinary Ride' -- about this woman who went on this amazing bike trip in the 1890s. She had three kids and had never ridden a bike, and she got sponsorships to go ride around the world, and I thought, if that woman can do it, I can do it."

Read more about her take on panniers, pie, and living in the present.

20 Nov


11/26 Grease Rag at SPOKES!


on November 20, 2012   comments 0

Every fourth Monday we are having a Grease Rag open shop night for women and transgender cyclists at the new SPOKES center in the Seward neighborhood.  The space is large, and we are working with a really competent and beautiful team of facilitators and mechanics. 

Join us on Monday, November 26, 7-9pm!

Located near the Light Rail Trail on East 22nd Street: 1915 East 22nd St.


The next SPOKES Grease Rag will be Monday, December 17, 7-9pm.  (This is NOT a fourth Monday!)


19 Nov


Nice to have you back, Sabo Bridge!


on November 19, 2012   comments 0

Sabo Bridge reopening Monday, November 19

Although temporary closures may be necessary for painting, lighting and screen installation, the Sabo Bridge re-opens today!

Lines of light

From the City of Minneapolis website:

The work included installing and retrofitting diaphragm plates on the bridge’s pylon, including the plate that fractured and caused a pair of suspension cables to break loose. Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., an engineering firm hired to find the cause of the fracture, concluded in June that wind-induced cable vibrations caused fatigue cracking in the diaphragm plates resulting in two cable connections fracturing. The retrofitted and replaced plates are designed to withstand fatigue that caused the cracking. 

In addition to fixing the diaphragm plates, crews have replaced both cables that broke loose. They’ve also installed monitoring equipment to make sure the repairs are all working properly.

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