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06 Jun


Bike Walk to Work Day


on June 6, 2012   comments 0

Thursday, June 7 is Bike Walk to Work Day!  A special day during a week-long celebration of "traveling differently" to work.

Does anyone remember in years past how we would gather outside of Freewheel Midtown or at the Greenway building or Bedlam for free breakfast?  It was a great way to connect with people that you often nod or wave at on your commute.  Not to mention the food and staff at these places were wonderful!

Bike Walk Week has a list of celebration locations on their website, but here are the places I will be visiting!

Birchwood Cafe - 7am – 9am

Stop in to Birchwood Cafe by bike (w/helmet!) on or foot for free coffee & baked goods!

Freewheel Midtown Bike Center - 7 am – 9 am

Free breakfast consisting of a selection of pastries with free orange juice, and coffee on a first come first serve basis.

Trotter’s Cafe -  7 am – 9 am

FREE coffee and breakfast bakery item!

03 Jun


Do as I say, not as I do


on June 3, 2012   comments 3

This is an example of why I should not be allowed to have nice things.  I do not take care of them!

I'm super happy with my Time cleats and Alium pedals.  I have had these cleats (left) on a pair of shoes for just a few months short of a year.  I only have one pair of bike shoes, so I wear them all the time for riding and also walk everywhere in them.  I only took a couple of months off in the winter.

Lately I've been noticing a little more play than usual when I clip in.  Hrm.  What's that all about? I never look at the bottom of my feet unless I've been walking through a cow field or gravel or something, so I was really shocked when I looked at my cleat and realized that the big lump on the front of a new cleat (right) that the pedal snaps around had been worn down to a sliver of metal, ready to snap off at any second.

Well no wonder it was getting a little wiggly in the pedal!  Yikes.

Moral of the story:  Do as I say, not as I do.  Grease those cleat bolts, and check in with your equipment more often than never.  Cleats and bolts are relatively cheap.  Replace as needed and don't wait until you can't get a tool in there.  (If that happens, you can still get them off, but it is a pain.)

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02 Jun


Happy Bike Walk Week!


on June 2, 2012   comments 0

June 2-6 is Twin Cities Bike Walk Week!  This is the week where people seem to come out of the woodwork to ride their bicycles to work.  Sometimes my commute has lonely stretches, if you don't count the birds and butterflies as company, and it is wonderful to see the bike lanes packed full.  You are welcome car commuters, for making your route a little less congested!

What is TC Bike Walk Week?  It's a week to celebrate commuting by non-car modes.  As the Bike Walk website puts it, "Travel a different way."  You can participate by walking or biking part or all of your commute.  There are lots of fun events and group rides and lots of support if you're planning on trying an alternative commute for the first time.

Sign up and be counted as a traveler that gets there in a different way.  I signed up!

There are many fun events on Bike Walk to Work Day (Thursday), as well as a "Women's Wednesday" event.  Check out the full event list for the week here.

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30 May


Labor of Love- Sue & Tina


on May 30, 2012   comments 1

Sue, organizer of the Singletrack Sistahs group (mountain biking group for women), keeps a blog called Suelandia.  Sue is a metal artist and created a gorgeous "mystical trail guardian" for public enjoyment at her local mountain biking trail.  I love the sculpture, and the photos of the build and installation on her website are more than worth clicking through.  Amazing!

My original idea was to create a sort of trail faerie, like a magical wood nymph, who would preside over the park.  Another volunteer gave me some concrete antlers from an old deer statue over there, and my idea began to evolve into a little more formidable presence.  I liked the idea of a mystical trail guardian, but wanted her to be more bad-ass than a faerie.  I could see her in my mind.