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We encourage and empower FTW (Femme/Trans/Women, Non-binary, Two-spirit) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space.


Grease Rag Open Shops are the hub of our activities and happen multiple times a month in Minneapolis and St. Paul (Minnesota). Find an open shop on the map (below) or explore the events calendar for all of our open shops and activities.

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25 Jun


Spare Change Round-Up Fundraiser


on June 25, 2013   comments 0

Grease Rag is able to provide free open shop events where you can bring in your bike and fix it yourself because of close relationships with our community partners.  Our "community partners" are the bike spaces that host our 7 events a month.  Working with these partners keeps the amount of overhead, like rent and wages, that Grease Rag has to pay down to a nice tidy sum of $0.  THANK YOU, community partners!  We would not be here without you.

Round-Up Your Spare Change for Grease Rag 6/29- 7/6

Once a year or so, we ask you, kind and wonderful people, to pick up that lost penny, empty your pocket change, and round up to the nearest dollar when you visit any of our four community partners, and make a donation to help replenish our operation budget.

We will have collection containers at our four locations, starting Saturday, June 29.

Sunrise Cyclery, 2901 Blaisdell Ave. near Uptown (Grease Rag 1st & 3rd Thursdays)

Recovery Bike Shop, Central Ave. and 26th in Northeast (Grease Rag 2nd Tuesdays)

U of M Bike Center, SE Oak St. Parking Ramp at U of M (Grease Rag 2nd & 4th Thursdays)

SPOKES1915 East 22nd Street in Seward (Grease Rag 2nd & 4th Mondays)

We will be collecting money at these locations until Saturday, July 6.  

We appreciate every penny!

Grease Rag is Turning Four!

Save the Date: Sunday, July 7, at 7pm.

Grease Rag is turning 4 years old July 7, 2013.  We have been doing what we do, providing fun events and inclusive bike spaces for WTF (women/ transgender/ femme) cyclists in the Twin Cities, for four years.  To celebrate our community, we are going to have a birthday party at our genesis location, Sunrise Cyclery!  Expect food, libations, and probably a go-around.  (Love me a go-around, haha.)  EVERYONE is welcome, so please bring friends!

Please Support Our Work

  • Facilitating 7 open shop nights every month
  • Hosting winter biking workshops, compensating our presenters
  • Providing scholarships for Grease Rag events that have a cost
  • Leading group rides
  • Keeping an up to date events calendar for the Twin Cities
  • Organizing bike camping trips
  • Supporting other creative WTF projects
  • Compensating our artists, designers and web developers
  • Funds are needed for operating costs like photocopies, office supplies, postage and party supplies

24 Jun


3rd Annual Group Camping Trip- Success!


on June 24, 2013   comments 3

Friday night, this happened:

Photo: Tom Wallace via

(Not my kids/ tree/ car.  Grease Rag House more or less survived the mayhem!)

Severe Weather Events

Friday, June 21, Minneapolis was hit HARD with gusts up to 60mph after torrential rains that caused flash floods.  When those two conditions are combined, lots of trees go down.  And we mean lots.  Our neighborhood had at least one large, magnificent tree down or severely damaged on every block.  Some people are still (as of Sunday night) without power, and aren't expecting to have power until Tuesday.  It is a wonder that more people were not injured during this severe weather.


To Camp... or Not to Camp??

Given the post-apocalyptic feel of the neighborhood, I wasn't sure whether or not people would be up for camping.  I had no electricity or internet or other way of contacting people, so I packed up my stuff by the light of my headlamp Friday night, ready to roll out the next morning.

After looking at all the available data, we threw caution to the (possibly perilous) winds and unanimously decided to camp.  That's why this group was awesome: grins and gumption!  Intrepid adventurers, they are.  We were not even deterred by the fact that our meetup spot had no power and no coffee.  Our first adventure of the day was to seek out some breakfast!



Magically, fortunately, gladly, we did not get more than a drop or two of rain on the entire ride out to Carver, despite the ominous forecast of severe weather!!!  We (okay, just me) were nervous, but we ended up not getting a drop of rain until 4am, when we were all safely tucked in and battened down.

We had a great time at the park.  We swam, ate food, drank beer, shared stories about the moon, celebrated bike camping for the first time (four newbies!), and got to know each other around the camp fire.  One of my favorite moments was the dock picture and getting to release the lantern.  (Thanks, Sveta!)  I am so lucky to be able to take trips like this with super cool people.

Thank you, Linda (we missed you!), Sunrise Cyclery, Ben Erickson, Parkway Pizza, Lu's Sandwiches and Three Rivers Park District.  But MOST OF ALL, thank you to Karyn, Trisha, Eric, Christina, Courtney, Tae, Wes, Kris, Nadia, Dan and Sveta for attending and bringing the good vibes.  Ride with you all soon!!

All photos from Linda and Sveta.  Thank you!

19 Jun


Full Moon Ride- Moon Spinners


on June 19, 2013   comments 0

So far this year, we've had a few fun full moon rides...

March- Howl!

April- Pink Moon

May- Karaoke! (Rained out.  Sad face.)

And it's that time of the month again!  Full moon will be rising, and we will be riding and howling.

This post explains what inspired us to start riding during the full moon, our bike soul sisters, the Ovarian Psycos.

Sunday, June 23
Moon Spinners
Meet at Midtown Freewheel on the Greenway at 9pm, roll out at 9:30

The Great Lunar Cycle Art Print by Aaron Thong

Tina is going to lead a full moon ride, beginning at Freewheel Midtown.  Meet at 9p, roll at 9:30.  The ride will go west on the Greenway, around the Grand Rounds and back to the Greenway. This ride is slow and steady, "Muppet speed," and is open to everyone!  Bring lights, a helmet, and maybe a beverage or snack.  Come HOWL at the moon with us!

RSVP on Facebook 

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18 Jun


Grease Rag Group Bike Camping Trip


on June 18, 2013   comments 1

3rd Annual Group Camping Trip

Who:  Everyone is welcome, especially beginners!
What: Group bike camping trip
Where/ How farCarver Park Reserve, 25 miles, almost all on trails
When: Saturday, June 22- Sunday, June 23
How much $: Campsite is $10, plan to pitch in a little for firewood and food when we get there.
Why:  Bike camping is fun! (2010, 2012)

UPDATE: This trip is now full!  Check out our calendar for more events.

You can do this

If you can comfortably bike 15 miles, YOU CAN DO THIS!  Please make sure that your bike is tuned up, and ready for a loaded ride.  Air up those tires, make sure your chain is lubed, and really look it over for anything that might cause trouble on the trail.  (*cough* GREASE RAG *cough*)  Everyone should carry a tube and whatever you need to repair a flat.  This trip is especially aimed at beginners and people that have always wanted to bike camp but just haven't gotten around to it yet.


Pack smart, think light

Don't wait until the morning of to pack.  Go on a test run with your gear for a few miles around town.  You'll probably end up realizing you don't need that third pair of shoes, the cast iron skillet or the full size shampoo and conditioner.  Use the fact that this is a group trip to your advantage!  Why carry three 15mm wrenches when you only need one?  A good strategy is to partner up with one or two people (don't be shy!) and figure out who has the lightest tent.  One person could carry it out, and another person could carry it back.

I will add a generic pack-list to the bottom of this post, for your reference.**


The plan.

Meet at 10:30 at Common Roots Cafe on Lyndale.  Roll out at 11.  Feel free to have breakfast, get your caffeine on and hang out.  We will gather on the south side of the building.
We will be taking it EASY.  If you want to go ahead of the group, no problem!!  It is an easy route and you are welcome to go ahead!  But I will be staying with the slowest rider/ I will be the slowest rider, so no one will have to ride alone and no one will get left behind.
Once we get there, there is an opportunity to go to the grocery store and liquor store, so don't haul beer and heavy food items out with you.
Fresh Seasons Market
7999 Victoria Drive
Victoria, MN 55386
Victoria Cross Roads Liquor
7999 Victoria Drive
Victoria, MN 55386
In the AM, people are free to leave when they want.  I will try to do an earlyish breakfast and then slow roll towards Lyndale Open Streets.


You are responsible for yourself. 

We are here to support you, but you are responsible for yourself!  Know when to hydrate, when to eat, and when to ask for help.  =] 

Looking forward to camping with you!!!
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14 Jun


Critical Transit Interviews Grease Rag


on June 14, 2013   comments 0

My friend, Jeremy has a transit blog called Critical Transit. He is a smart cookie, has a lot of perspective on transit, and does a podcast on interesting topics. The interesting topic in Episode 33? Grease Rag! We get a lovely introduction in the beginning, and I start yammering and overusing "like" at about 28 minutes to 55 minutes. Shoutouts to Sunrise Cyclery, Recovery Bike Shop, Spokes, and The Hub Bike Co-op at the U of M!

Listen to Critical Transit Podcast 33

Grease Rag is so important to me. I've met so many friends, gone on so many adventures, and learned so much about myself in the last few (almost four!) years. I try not to get too sentimental in this interview while talking about what we do and our model, but I can't tell you how proud I am to be a part of this group. Thank you so much for allowing me to speak for you.

54:33 I don't know if you can tell by how excited I am about Grease Rag, but that's where I think the ticket is.  I think we need to start supporting each other and creating a community where we do what we want. We feel good about it.  We bike how we want, we work on our bikes how we want, we talk about bikes how we want. We do it our own way, and that's totally cool.


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