Day 12 of Love MN Winter 2018

I #LoveMnWinter! Today, I love winter sensations.

By Anne Sombor 

illustration with several frames illustrating thoughts about how the body feels when outside in winter

I love how Minnesota winter lets me feel more deeply in my body.

Big bicycling drinks of cold air feel like scratching an itch at the very back of my throat. Too cold air, below zero, feels thick when I pucker my lips and breathe in, like sipping air through a straw.

I love insulation and ventilation and circulation and (how is this happening? surely, it’s too cold?) perspiration.

After riding, my thights are itchy with kinetic energy, but burning cold when I rub them with my hands. In the summer, I don’t notice sensation in my thighs unless they hurt.

I love the moment when, all at once, my hands fill with warm golden blood on my ride and my fingers feel thick and pulsating with life.

My winter body gets to transform. It gets its own sensations that my sumer body will never understand.

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