Hi, I’m Amy K

Hi, let me introduce myself.

My name is Amy, but most people call me Amy K (due to one of those eastern European last names that no one can pronounce). I’m a female identified cyclist who enjoys cooking meals from scratch, hanging out with puppies, assembling puzzles, taking photographs, and poking people with needles (yes, really, I’m a licensed acupuncturist).  My first bike memory is riding on the back of my mom’s 1970’s Raleigh 3 speed cruiser, and my most accomplished moment on a bike occurred at age 9 when I figured out how to ride no-handed in my large circular neighborhood streets (I was super stoked about it!).

I’ve been attending Grease Rag events since the first winter skill share at Sunrise Cyclery several years ago and am a regular attendee at Grease Rag-NE at Recovery Bikes. But alas, I have missed many awesome GR events over the last several years due to a rigorous graduate school schedule. Now that I’ve completed my degree and have the flexibility to devise my own schedule (one of the pros of owning your own business), I look forward to becoming a more active member of the Grease Rag community, including writing for the Grease Rag blog.

Amy biking on gravel road

(That’s me at my first ever gravel race, Riot Grrravel – photo courtesy and credit to Kate Lockhart)

I’ve always been told: “Write what you know.”

Well, I know natural forms of healing. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune digestive disease at the age of 21, I found myself drastically underweight, malnourished, and with barely enough energy to get through each day, let alone ride a bike. While I give full credit to western medicine for bringing me back from the dead (more accurately a diet of only potato bread and applesauce), I slowly realized that the drugs that were miraculous for me when I was at my sickest were slowly doing their own damage to my body. It was at that point that I decided I had to take my health into my own hands: I drastically changed my diet, lifestyle, and attitude regarding my health and am proud to say that I am now three full years prescription drug free and have never felt healthier!

So, what does this have to do with my voice on the Grease Rag blog??

I plan on using this platform to share lots of health information that is geared specifically for female identified cyclists.

1. I want to replace the all the “fake food” that many cyclists bring on long rides (shot-blocks, energy bars, etc) with healthy snacks made with actual food that are just as easy to eat on two wheels! I am constantly brainstorming how to make my own version of popular processed foods. Earlier this summer I made my own version of Gatorade to stay hydrated during the Riot Grrravel race. Check out my recipe!

2. I plan on sharing several stretches and mobility exercises to help combat and prevent common aches and pains many female identified cyclists experience. And for those of you who are already dealing with pain, I’ll share some of the most effective ways to live pain-free.

3. After working in the health and body care section of the Wedge Co-op for five years, I have lots of strong opinions about the products we put in and on our bodies. Get ready for some recommendations on how to protect your skin, hair, and nether regions (!!) from all the wacky weather that Mother Nature throws at us Minnesotans.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself! If you’re interested in learning more about natural health or acupuncture, please visit my acupuncture blog.