A Bit of Powderhorn 24

By : Jen · March 19, 2012

One of the bonus stops? Write a haiku (easy--my haiku win races, cf. Demonicat)...and then carry an ear of corn almost all the way around the course, back to the checkpoint you just passed, while keeping it in edible condition. I was riding my road bike, no backpack, no panniers. What if it falls out of my jersey pocket? Better stick it down the front of my shirt so I have half a chance at catching it if it falls. This shortly garnered the comment, "you have an ear of corn sticking out of your shirt." Yes, yes I do.

Fortunately, I think there is no photographic evidence of this event, but now I am telling you, The Internet, that it happened. On the other hand, one truism of the internet is "pics or it didn't happen." So I guess it didn't happen.

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