By : Jen · July 28, 2011

I haven't been blogging much recently, and haven't been biking as much as I want to, due to non-bike obligations. Sometime it feels like I'm in an inertial state, and right now this body at rest has stayed at rest. So back on the blog wagon, although be prepared for less frequent updates from everyone as we spend all our time riding. And back to more riding.

I had a great visit with my dad, whom I dragged all over the city by bike, including the Grease Rag NE kickoff ride/party. I'll have a ride review for you from our trip to the North Shore, as soon as the State Parks open again.

I'm still commuting by bike but I haven't really gone anywhere else recently. I'm glad I made it to the Hub women's ride this week--a needed break--but beloved bike, we have not spent enough time together. I know this about myself: once I am on moving my bike, no matter the energy it took to get it out of the garage, I will want to keep going. My recently-shortened commute is just enough to get me excited to ride in the morning and then dump me at work. Designing a less-direct route, but this week it's been better just to get there quickly.

Last night I went home for dinner and to hang out with my roommate for a few hours, then had to pop out for a bit--not an optional errand. I didn't feel like going but without much of a choice I pulled out my (*cough*favorite*cough*) bike, knowing that by the time I would be done, it would be "cool enough" to ride. And ride I did. Once rolling, took the looong way home, a forty-five minute detour. Perfect (ok, still pretty hot, so I drank lots of water and rode kinda slowly). Bike in motion stays in motion, just what I wanted.

But in the end it doesn't matter how far you ride. Any distance makes you a biker. Some days I ride around the block. What matters is getting on the bike. Once you're going, you may decide to go farther than you planned.[1] Inertia is a powerful force.

[1] And if you don't, that was an excellent display of commitment to your plan.

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