FTW Artist- BrieAnna

By : Lowrah · August 4, 2017

Grease Rag has a great collection of buttons designed by local artists. Our mission is to support and uplift FTWs, and we like to commission FTWs to show off their talents and create buttons for us.


Thank you so much for these awesome designs, BrieAnna!

These button are going to be featured during FTW Weekend, September 29-October 1. Will you be there to claim a button?!? 

Tell us about yourself!

I'm a person who likes art and bikes and being a goofball.

Why do you want to create art for Grease Rag?

I would like to design for GR because the events I've been to with Grease Rag have been the closest I've felt to being in a group of people without being judged. I can feel the love and It makes me feel super joyous.


I love thess colorful designs and I am super excited to make them up for our #FTWweekend crew! Thank you, BrieAnna! 

Follow BrieAnna at cargocollective.com/brieannalindquist and bringodesign.com or instagram.com/brieannapumpkin

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