FTW Artist- Cori Lin

By : Lowrah · August 4, 2017

Gratitude to Cori Lin for designing our latest Grease Rag Open Shop flyers!


Cori is an illustrator and designer based in the Twin Cities, with lots of experience working with small community organizations.

Tell us about yourself!

I am a bi-cultural asian-american artist. I work in the social sector, the creative sphere, and the overlap between those spaces.  Whether I’m illustrating, designing, or coordinating non-profit programs, my focus is to bring POC and marginalized narratives to the center. I'm motivated by food, cultural ties, community and the intersections between. 

Why do you want to create art for Grease Rag?

My artistic work is guided by the same social justice principles that guide my social sector work.  I want to use my creative skills to platform and celebrate the voices of those marginalized or discredited by society.  Working with Grease Rag would allow me to contribute to a necessary and healing community space. 

Thank you so much, Cori! The flyers look spectacular. I love the representations of our community, and the cozy feel of the space you depicted. And I particularly love the illustration of the person with crocs. =]


Follow Cori at corilin.co or on instagram.com/cori.lin.art


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