May Full Moon Ride- Milk Moon

By : Lowrah · May 10, 2014

I recently posted about how easy it is to host a Full Moon Ride, and how we love having different people lead rides to keep it fresh. Consider it!

This month, the Full Moon Ride will be lead by me, Low. RSVP on Facebook and let us know if you're going to ride with us! 

When is the Full Moon?  May 14, 2:17p

What is the name of the moon?  Full Flower Moon – May In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon. This May, we will be celebrating the Milk Moon!

What time does the sun set?  Sunset: 8:33pm

What time does the moon rise?  Moonrise: 8:40pm

Is there a theme?  Milk Moon!  We are going to get ice cream and sit on a patio.  Big scoops of full moon vanilla ice cream.  There will be something for the lactose-intolerant, too!

Where shall we meet, and when?  Sunrise Cyclery, 8:30pm

Who can come on the ride?  Everyone is welcome to ride with us! Keep in mind this is a WTF (women/ trans*/ femme) event. No show-boating, oppressive language, or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. Come to have fun and defer to the WTF leaders and participants, don't come to own/ dominate the space.

How far and how fast is the ride?  The ride will be about 12 miles, and will be Muppet Speed. (VERRRY slow! Dress appropriately!)

The destination is a secret, but we will land outside, although an inside space will be available. Because this month is the Milk Moon, we will be stopping at an ice cream shop where you can buy ice cream!

When is the next Full Moon Ride? June 12... but the moon will not be full until 11 pm, so we will be riding FRIDAY, JUNE 13th... for a SPOOKY MOON! I can't wait!

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