An Introduction

By Jen

I’ve written a few posts for Grease Rag at this point and I think I’m going to stick around for a while. So an introduction is in order. The name’s Jen. My info has been aggregated into the demographics post, which tells you very little that’s specifically about me, and I now have a rider profile. I’m pretty new to the Twin Cities and loving it here. I geek out about bikes, science, infrastructure, photography, cooking,  and all things crafty. Expect an assortment of posts on all of those things, including the occasional recipe recap after a Grease Rag wrench night. I’ve also written about bicycle poetry and the sounds I’ve heard while riding this winter. I enjoy the challenge of making vegan baked goods (which isn’t that challenging, especially with a good book!) and of allergen-free baking. Let me know if you’re coming to a work night and have a specific need or request!

I currently have four bikes and I love them all. Most recently I’ve been transitioning from my winter bike to my summer commuter, Gladys. Gladys needs constant care, facilitated by Grease Rag, so I’ve been switching between the two as the mood strikes me. More on Gladys’ origins, upkeep, and namesake, later.

Here’s a picture of Gladys looking regal in front of Minnehaha Falls a few weeks ago.

bike against frozen minnehaha falls
Gladys is a blue road bike with a black seat, handlebars, and tires. She has a rack for carrying panniers over her rear wheel. In this picture she is leaning up against a stone wall and fills the foreground, with light glinting off of her brakes and saddle. Minnehaha Falls is in the background. The waterfall is partially frozen and covered in white ice. There are brown rocks to the left of the waterfall with a cap of snow on the top.