Another “30 Days” in the books

30 Days of Biking

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Did you take the pledge to bike for 30 days this April?

30 Days of Biking, whose fourth year begins April 1, has one rule: Bike somewhere every day for 30 days—around the block, 20 miles to work, whatever suits you—then share your adventures online. We advocate daily bicycling because we believe it enriches lives and preserves the Earth. A worldwide, thousands-strong community of joyful cyclists has been forming around that idea since April 2010—and will further amass in 2013! We ride our bikes every day.

30 Days of Biking

I took the pledge!  And then I failed miserably, as far as “every day for 30 days” went, but my bronchitis was not going to allow such activity.  I tweeted when I did ride @greaseragmpls, and you can see I was doing pretty well until I got sick on days 8-15.  I had a lot of fun participating, and I enjoyed seeing other tweets and posts from WTFs biking all April.  (And this April was a toughie, too!)

30 (okay, 22) Days of Biking, from Storify

30 Days of Biking: End Party this Friday, May 3, 9pm at One on One Bike Shop to celebrate biking:

You pledged to ride. Now pledge to celebrate.

Join our community of joyful cyclists in toasting the biggest, most meteorologically bizarre edition of 30 Days of Biking yet. DJ Power Mountain, of Estate, will spin tunes as we sip gratis grain-based beverages aplenty—all within the warm, welcoming confines of North Loop’s signature bike shop. Dancing shoes recommended though not required. (We also have many sponsor-licious items to raffle off!)

National Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month?  The days are warming up, and it is a perfect time to celebrate your bicycle!

National Bike to School Day: May 8

National Bike to Work Week: May 13-17

National Bike to Work Day: May 17

Bike Walk Week, the Minnesota version of National Bike to Work Week, is taking place on June 9-15 this year.  Bike Walk to Work Day will be Wednesday, June 12 this year!  Start planning your bike buses and plan on attending an event in the morning or evening.  It is so cool to see so many people out commuting on one day!

National Bike Challenge

I could tell you all about the National Bike Challenge, but instead, I’ll let this incredibly awkward video do it for me.  (Did they record this with a potato?)

YouTube I’m not normally into tracking trips and miles, but I think I’ll give it a try and see how many miles I can track between May 1 and September 30.  Apparently there are prizes and teams, if you’re into that kind of thing.  Also.. there’s an app you can download.

What else is going on in May??