Day 14 of Love MN Winter 2018

I #LoveMnWinter! Today, I love the solitude.

By Minsun Song

view of a winter scene from the point of view of a bike rider

There is something about riding alone at night that brings out the romantic in me. I often bike home in the late evening, when the world is dark and dimly lit by street lights. The traffic reduces to occasional cars and buses.

When I’m biking, I’m truly by myself. There is no one to entertain, no calls or messages I can answer. It’s just me and the bike. I love the sight of the city blanketed in slow. I love the darkness surrounding me and the small circle of light that illuminates the road ahead. I love the quietness accented by the sound of the studded tires rolling down the road.

For all the challenges winter biking throws at me, it also allows me to truly exist in the moment. I love MN Winter, and I love the quiet solitude of the night ride.

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