Day 17 of Love MN Winter, 2018

I #LoveMnWinter! Today, I love the boost of warm days.

By Joy Elizabeth

winter bike rider, path in a winter scene, bike path

I love the surprisingly warm February days that energize me and remind me that we’ve almost made it through the winter.

  • the funny combinations of layers, like t-shirts with big gloves, as a result of bundling up for frosty mornings that turn into melting afternoons,
  • the sound of my tires on clear, dry pavement that I can trust to keep me upright,
  • getting back on my summer bike, as comfortable and comforting as a hug from a dear friend,
  • the feeling of taking a turn quickly for the first time in months,
  • detouring on my commute because all of me is warm and I have extra energy,
  • dancing to Lizzo with my hands in the air, my forearms releasing after bracing all winter against the ice and sludge,
  • zooming through puddles the size of lakes, throwing my legs in the air in an effort to save my socks,
  • the emotional release of letting your legs really go, pumping hard, remembering how strong I really am as the still-empty greenway stretches in front of me.

I’ve felt stuck a lot of this winter as I have been bogged down by course work and social anxiety, and drained from centering my ever-important healing work. Feeling stuck is usually wrapped up in lower energy, lower motivation, and it’s harder for me to make and follow through on social plans. I have been working to balance when it is important to honor these moments of low energy by cuddling up and hunkering down.

And, I’ve also been working to notice when I have the urge to rattle this stuck-ness, by boosting my energy and pulling myself into a different headspace. It’s been really important to me to learn and practice things that can help give me this boost. Almost always, the first step is getting on my bike. It is my absolute favorite when this urge to shake and release comes on warm February days, as it did this week. I zoomed and sang and yelled and cried, the vibrations shaking up feelings deep in my gut.

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