Introducing the Solidago Riders

By Charlotte

Introducing the Solidago Riders! a group of five amazing women biking around the Great Lakes to raise money and awareness about environmental activism. I am super excited to introduce these ladies because they are five friends of mine from Macalester who are organizing an awesome trip for a great cause.  The Solidago Riders are comprised of Jacqueline Kutvirt, Rose Holdorf, Ainsley Judge, Robin Major, and Tressa Versteeg.

Several people in a party atmosphere

The Solidago Riders performing a song at a house show.

The ladies will take off in late July to circle the great lakes.  While they ride they are raising money for Grand Aspirations, a local non-profit working on issues of climate change and environmental justice.  As they ride they are also going to be documenting what youth around the lakes are doing to combat climate change in their local communities.

“Solidago” comes from “a solidago, commonly known as a golden rod, is a great flower that grows in the Great Lakes Region. More than that, we like how solidago reminds us of solidarity and of going places.”

IT GETS EVEN BETTER! You can support the Solidago Riders and also go to an AWESOME music/arts festival at the same time! Solidago Bombago will be a music and arts festival in Somerset, Wisconsin on June 25th and June 26th.  Tickets are $25 if you ride and $30 if you drive.  There will be a group ride leaving from St. Paul to the festival site. The ticket includes entrance to the festival, camping the night of the 25th, and dinner. There will also be a rad skill share!

Please check out their website, show them some support, and go to Solidago Bombago if you can! Awesome women doing awesome things on bikes.