Introducing Woman on A Wheel Blog!

By Charlotte

Dear GreaseRag,

I am happy to present to you my new blog – Woman on a Wheel. In this next year I will be travelling around the world to study and work with women’s bike movements in Ecuador, China, Indonesia, Hungary, Sierra Leone, and Guatemala (!!!!). I’m interested in seeing how women are personally, politically, and economically empowered through being involved with women’s bike projects – I know that I feel empowered through being involved with these movements, and I want to see what that is like in different places around the world.

And what better way to share this experience than to blog about it.  I’ll be posting photos, writting about my travels, and also posting a series of short videos.  While I am in each place I will be asking women I meet to go for a bike ride with a helmet camera to film what a typical ride is like for them. I will then interview them about what inspires them about biking, and have the interviews be the audio of the video.  The first video is of me biking around St. Paul/Minneapolis which is where this whole journey begins.

Hope you enjoy it!