Recap of Grease Rag Group Camp 2017

Camp Grease Rag was a blast!

We had a fun and successful FTW-Only Camp Grease Rag!

FTW camping group

Everyone do your favorite stretch!

FTW Camping Brunchers at table

Our brunch at Himalaya, a family-owned restaurant

Your positive attitudes, willingness to help out, patience, respect, and FRIENDSHIP made this trip above and beyond.

three riders posing for a photo with bikes

Carrie, Ali, Tina!

We worked hard to stick to these principles:

Low barriers!

A vehicle to get you and your gear to the camp site. (Although everyone chose to bike.) Sliding scale $0-$20 fee. Hooking you up with the gear you needed. Clear expectations and established a safer space. Lots of encouragement!


Parachuting, joke-telling, trying to see shooting stars, campfire conversation, and a conversational pace.

Safer spaces!

We established a safer spaces policy up front, we provided a quiet area of camp, designated people to help deescalate conflict, name tags with pronouns.


Circle time, stretching together, go arounds, volunteer teams, a conversational pace, and brunch are great ways to spend time with each other!

group paused in street

Red light selfie


group of riders stopped near a lake

One of our rest stops. Photo: Angela Guentner

Every trip depends on the awesome people who participate!

person on a bike


Figuring out how to haul everything to the starting point was a challenge. Even though I put the majority of things in the van I now feel confident that I could figure out how to fit everything I’d need for a camping trip on my bike. Inspired by the trip, I’m going bike camping solo this weekend!

-Vicky (she/her) has been coming to a lot of Grease Rag events as a volunteer and participant

person on a bike


I’m a multiple time GR Bike Camper, first time parachuter. My biggest challenge is not itching my mosquito bites (well, I haven’t totally overcome it yet).

-Kat (she/her) longtime Grease Rag organizer

people playing with a giant parachute

Tina getting the ‘chute treatment! Thanks for this experience, Emma! Photo: Angela Guentner

This was my first of many things! I’ve never biked to a place to camp, and definitely never biked such a long distance in two days. I had the e-bike but still solidly biked without pedal assist for at least 25+ miles. I’ve wanted to attend GR events in the past and this was my first one that I’ve made it to. It was not my first time falling off the e-bike, but it was my first time feeling really cared for immediately after a fall and felt like I was given time to recover and make sure I was ok instead of being rushed along. 

The distance of the ride itself was a challenge for me this year. I’ve had health issues that include fatigue and make it difficult to ride my bike regularly so being able to get up and ride two days in a row was a nice challenge to face and I’m glad that I did it. I’m still paying for it, but I knew that would be the case and it was worth it.

-Carrie (they/them)

four shot collage of a selfie and sunsets and scenery

Shruthi’s first time biking to camp! Photos: Shruthi Kamisetty

First time biking to where I camped!!!! I’ve been to like…3 full moon rides and the anniversary party and I’m really looking forward to continuing to attend more Grease Rag events.

-Emma (she/her)

person on a bike near a stop sign


I’ve been wanting this trip to happen for at least three years, but haven’t had the time to devote to making it happen. I love that Grease Rag is a place where anyone can make a trip or event happen. It’s a place where everyone pitches in. It’s a place where I feel safe. I am especially grateful that I was not the lone POC or NB person on the trip! So happy to camp with my people. Being outside with you all is so healing and lovely. Bummer that there was too much light in the sky for us to see the Perseids!

-Low (they/them)

two people riding a bike down the trail

Low and Kaj!

pile of grease rag buttons with camping illustration

Special buttons we made for the trip, with designs by Theresa Ptak

Special shout outs

Ali for masterminding, Holly for being the mortar and can driver, Carolyn and Shruthi for arranging brunch at Himalaya (Hi-MAHL-yah), Kat for ride leading and ordering delicious Ghandi Mahal, Craig for printing materials and delivering supper, Casey for fixing boo boos, everyone who volunteered or loaned gear.

Collectively, we made a bomb meal, made sure everyone slept in a dry tent, we all stayed together and watched out for our buddies, picked each other up and had fun in a safer space!


group at campsite table

Everybody eats! Our potluck salad bar Photo: Angela Guentner